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08 September 2020


Presented by Professor Professor Abbott AO 

Wednesday 21st October 8pm-9pm (AEDT)

Ledermix Cement has been used clinically for almost 60 years. However, despite numerous clinical and laboratory studies that support its efficacy and usefulness, there are still many myths about this material. Most of these myths are based on outdated concepts which will be discussed and de-mystified. Knowing the composition of a material and understanding how it works are essential to know when to use it. The major components of Ledermix Cement are a corticosteroid, an antibiotic, calcium hydroxide and zinc oxide-eugenol - hence, its indications for clinical use should be based on these components. Ledermix Cement is an extremely useful material for conservative pulp treatments such as pulp capping and pulpotomy. Its short-term anti-inflammatory action combined with the beneficial effects of the cement base components (i.e. the calcium hydroxide and zinc oxide-eugenol) make it an ideal material for these procedures. This webinar will discuss the myths plus the scientific basis and clinical indications for the use of Ledermix Cement.

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